About Me

12130_015aI’m an organizational psychologist with over thirty years of experience leading organizational change and serving as a management consultant and coach to executives and others in leadership positions.  I’ve worked as both an internal and external consultant with organizations in the private, public, and non-profit sectors.  For more information, see my LinkedIn profile.

Early in my professional career I came to strongly believe that successful individual or organizational change requires an external perspective to inform the change process.  Consequently I’ve hired external advisors to assist me with large organizational change projects and served as an external advisor to others.

Since I reside in Western Massachusetts and use a mix of in-person meetings and phone/video  calls, I generally work with people in leadership positions in New England and New York State.  I usually start with an in-person session and then move to phone or video sessions, meeting again in person periodically.  Rates vary by sector, geography and whether you or your employer will be paying for leadership coaching or external advisor services.

Contact me to schedule your Initial free one-hour session or ask any questions you might have.