My Approach to Leadership Coaching

My approach to leadership coaching addresses a common dilemma: you know what you would like to accomplish, but are less sure about how to proceed.  Regular conversations with a professional coach — usually every other week — will provide you with a confidential venue for exploring the changes you are contemplating, clarifying how to move forward, and creating accountability for follow-through.  My approach also emphasizes capacity-building, so that you can effectively address similar challenges or opportunities in the future on your own, without external assistance.

My approach also emphasizes transparency in order to inform potential clients about the many aspects of leadership coaching. It is important to understand wthe common topics in leadership coaching, how to select a coach, how coaching really works, how coaching is used (and sometimes misused) in workplaces, how client needs can be assessed, how coaching is linked to organizational climate and culture, and more.  Check out the Coaching Insights section of this website to learn more about  these topics.

Many of us sense that our own behavior at work could be more effective and have more positive impact on others we work with — peers, direct reports, bosses and boards.  In addition, we can often identify elements of the workplace or workplace relationships that we’d like to change or improve.   Utilizing a confidential leadership coach is one proven approach for you to gain insights and clarity about your situation, prioritize needed changes and plan how to move ahead on them.

You will experience the following benefits from goal-based leadership coaching:

  • New clarity about what steps you need to take to improve your impact and effectiveness
  • Initial relief about having one-on-one support in undertaking this process
  • A confidential and ongoing forum for discussing issues, opportunities and needed changes
  • Gaining new perspectives and insights about your options
  • Growing confidence as you put desired changes in place

Prior to entering coaching, it’s necessary for both you and your coach to be clear about what you want to accomplish.  If this clarity is lacking, one powerful process for assessing your strengths and opportunities for improvement is a 360 developmental assessment.  This process involves you inviting 10-12 direct reports, peers and bosses to be interviewed to answer the twin questions regarding what you do best and what two or three things your could do to further improve your leadership effectiveness and impact.  Themes related to these two questions are extracted from the interviews, leading to a short report summarizing the responses and recommended goals for your coaching aimed at leadership development.

Contact me to learn more about how I would approach the changes you would like to make in your work life.  One hour initial sessions are always free of charge.

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